March 04, 2014

Exclusive Legends Imperial Pint Club

At OC Brewing Company we celebrate our exclusive OC Legends Imperial Pint Club members and thank them for their loyal patronage. Our OC Legends Imperial Pint Club Members know that they are receiving award-winning, hand-crafted ales and lagers at prices and quality that no other establishment can match! 

Members receive their own limited edition Imperial pint club glass. Pint club members receive a membership card that is loaded with EXCLUSIVE Imperial pint club rewards and bonuses.
You are about to join an elite group of beer lovers. The fact that you are a regular brewery patron proves that you are an individual of fine and discriminating taste. Your membership in the OC Legends Imperial Pint Club indicates that you also know a terrific deal when you see one. But more than that, the OC Legends Imperial Pint Club is truly a club. In addition to the discounts described in detail below, club members will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Brewery events and outings such as our annual holiday bash, brewery tours, tastings, and beer dinners, among other things.