OC Brewing Company Beer List

Year-Round Beer Selections
OC Light is Ocean City’s official light beer. Being “Refreshingly Light”, it has a dry light flavor with a sweetness of corn and a hint of herbal hops. It’s a taste you will savor and refreshing from beginning to end. ABV : 5%
Nuckin Futs
Honey Brown Ale
This English Brown Ale has a rich nutty flavor, sweetened with fresh local honey, and balanced with a spicy hop note. It’s very smooth and enjoyable. “You gotta be Nuckin’ Futs not to try it!” ABV : 6%
Hoppy Nuts
Black Walnut Brown Ale
This English Brown Ale has a rich nutty flavor and balanced with a spicy hop note. It’s very smooth and enjoyable.  ABV : 5%
Social X-periment
Special Pub Ale
“Beer-ology 101”...This fruity and malty beer is in a class of its own with its sweet and bitter flavors. It graduates to an easy drinking beer. It’s the gateway to our Social X-periment. So grab a Social-X and enjoy it with a friend, neighbor, or the person sitting right next to you. ABV : 5%
Lost Souls
Lost Souls is a dry Irish Stout with a roasted coffee flavor that dominates the hop character in this dark black ale. “Don’t lose your Soul!” ABV : 5%
The Krusher is a true India Pale Ale. Its light malt flavor is overwhelmed by a tsunami of citrusy bitterness, combined with a strong hop nose and finish. “Watch yourself or you will be consumed by the Krusher.” ABV : 6.5%
Joshua's Red
Red Irish Ale
Joshua’s Red has rich malt flavors of caramel and burnt sugar then lightly hopped as not to interfere with its malt profile. This is a very easy drinking beer and smooth on taste. “Erin go Bragh”. ABV : 5.5%
Dragon's Moon
Belgian White
Dragon’s Moon is a light bodied wheat beer that is long on flavor. With a note of fresh honey and vanilla, it creates a smooth creamy finish that’s inviting to the palate. When the full moon rises, “Come fly with the Dragon.” ABV : 5%
Route 50
American Pale Ale
Route 50 American pale ale is more than another roadside attraction. This coast to coast American pale ale has a soft hop aroma that transforms its citrus taste with its balanced bready sweetness. The loneliest road in America will not disappoint!
ABV : 5.5%
Right Turn Clyde
Brown Ale
Our Right Turn Clyde Brown Ale is a medium strength beer with slight sweet flavors of caramel and chocolate with a taste of cinnamon.  ABV : 6%
Mad Scientist
Pecan Pie Chocolate Stout
Mad Scientist is called “A liquid slice of the good life.” If you are a chocolate lover this will please your palate. It’s a delicious chocolate flavor, blended with the taste of the south. We use fresh pecans and pie crust malt to create what we call the dessert of beers. ABV : 5.5%
Black Sails
Black I.P.A.
Black Sails is a dark India Pale ale that elegantly combines a rich malty character, crisp flavor, and aroma of hops. With its smooth hoppy taste, it will make you want to set sail on a course to happiness. ABV : 6.5%
Big Decisions!
Double I.P.A.
Big Decisions is very strong India Pale Ale with double the hops, double the flavor, and double the weight. “Can you trust your Judgment?” ABV : 8%
Gold Digger
Raspberry Pale Ale
Gold Digger is a “Very Light” Belgian Lambic style pale ale which tantalizes your palate with its high carbonation and deep raspberry flavor. The Belgian yeast provides a sweet crisp finish. “Are you dangerous or super bad?” ABV : 5.5%
Pumpkin Hollow
Pumpkin Spiced Ale
Pumpkin Hollow is fresh from the Fall harvest. This pumpkin flavored ale is enhanced by grandma’s secret pumpkin pie spices. “Come get wicked in Pumpkin Hollow.”
ABV : 7%
Alrighty Then!
Watermelon Wheat
Alrightly Then is fresh off the farm. This wheat beer is infused with sweet luscious watermelons. It’s crisp and refreshing with little to no hoppiness with a light malt flavor that allows the melon to shine through. A true taste to summer! ABV : 5.5%
Honey Pomegranate Gingerbread Ale
Elf is our official seasonal Christmas beer! ABV : 6.5%
Stare Back
Stare Back is a little more pale than our stout. There is still a pronounced roastiness that is similar to dry toast. While you enjoy this porter you will feel its flavor staring back at you! ABV : 6%
Spoiled Brat
Pineapple Ginger Pale Ale
Spoiled Brat is a highly carbonated Lambic style ale. We infuse pineapple and ginger with champagne-like yeast, then slightly hopped for a mild fruity Island flavor. Served in a champagne flute, it’s called our “Tropical Beer Mimosa”, and is sure to please.
ABV : 11%
Devils Mistress
High Gravity
Devil’s Mistress will have you tempted by her strong intense malty flavor and seduced by her bite. “Do you Dare?” ABV : 12%