Our Wide Selection of BEER!

Most of our beer are available in a flight, pint, bomber, or growler.
Twisted Root - Our Non-alcoholic Root Beer
Twisted Root is our non-alcoholic root beer made with real sugar cane.  Twisted Root is also used to make our killer Root Beer Float!
Seasonal - Orange Crush! - Orange Wheat
Orange Crush is direct from the citrus farm. This wheat beer is infused with fresh whole oranges. It’s crisp and refreshing with a little bitterness from the orange peels.  It has a light malt flavor that allows the oranges to shine through. A true taste of the beach! ABV : 5.5%
Seasonal - Ogre - Blood Orange I.P.A.
Ogre is a smooth India Pale Ale made with a variety of hops.  It has a sweet citrusy taste with a mild finish.  Be aware or the Ogre will smash you! ABV : 6.5%
Nuckin Futs - Honey Brown Walnut Ale
This English Brown Ale has a rich nutty flavor, sweetened with fresh local honey, and balanced with a spicy hop note. It’s very smooth and enjoyable. “You gotta be Nuckin’ Futs not to try it!” ABV : 6%
Hoppy Nuts - Black Walnut Ale
This English Brown Ale has a rich nutty flavor balanced with a spicy hop note. It’s very smooth and enjoyable. ABV : 5%
OC Light Ale
OC Light is Ocean City’s official light beer. Being “Refreshingly Light”, it has a dry light flavor with a sweetness of corn and a hint of herbal hops. It’s a taste you will savor and refreshing from beginning to end. ABV : 5%
Seasonal - Mad Scientist - Pecan Pie Chocolate Stout
Mad Scientist is called “A liquid slice of the good life.” If you are a chocolate lover this will please your palate. It’s a delicious chocolate flavor, blended with the taste of the south. We use fresh pecans and pie crust malt to create what we call the dessert of beers. ABV : 5.5%
Seasonal - Stare Back - Porter
Stare Back is a little more pale than our stout. There is still a pronounced roastiness that is similar to dry toast. While you enjoy this porter you will feel its flavor staring back at you! ABV : 6%
Seasonal - Joshua's Red - Red Irish Ale
Joshua’s Red has rich malt flavors of caramel and burnt sugar then lightly hopped as not to interfere with its malt profile. This is a very easy drinking beer and smooth on taste. “Erin go Bragh”. ABV : 5.5%
Dragon's Moon - Belgian White
Dragon’s Moon is a light bodied wheat beer that is long on flavor. With a note of fresh honey and vanilla, it creates a smooth creamy finish that’s inviting to the palate. When the full moon rises, “Come fly with the Dragon.” ABV : 5%
Krusher - I.P.A.
The Krusher is a true India Pale Ale. Its light malt flavor is overwhelmed by a tsunami of citrusy bitterness, combined with a strong hop nose and finish. “Watch yourself or you will be consumed by the Krusher.” ABV : 6.5%
Route 50 - American Pale Ale
Route 50 American pale ale is more than another roadside attraction. This coast to coast American pale ale has a soft hop aroma that transforms its citrus taste with its balanced bready sweetness. The loneliest road in America will not disappoint!
ABV : 5.5%
Gold Digger - Raspberry Pale Ale
Gold Digger is a “Very Light” Belgian Lambic style pale ale which tantalizes your palate with its high carbonation and deep raspberry flavor. The Belgian yeast provides a sweet crisp finish. “Are you dangerous or super bad?” ABV : 5%
Lost Souls - Stout
Lost Souls is a dry Irish Stout with a roasted coffee flavor that dominates the hop character in this dark black ale. “Don’t lose your Soul!” ABV : 5%
Social X-periment - Special Pub Ale
“Beer-ology 101”...This fruity and malty beer is in a class of its own with its sweet and bitter flavors. It graduates to an easy drinking beer. It’s the gateway to our Social X-periment. So grab a Social-X and enjoy it with a friend, neighbor, or the person sitting right next to you. ABV : 5%
Seasonal - Pumpkin Hollow - Pumpkin Spiced Ale
Pumpkin Hollow is fresh from the Fall harvest. This pumpkin flavored ale is enhanced by grandma’s secret pumpkin pie spices. “Come get wicked in Pumpkin Hollow.”
ABV:  7.5%
Seasonal - Devils Mistress - High Gravity
Devil’s Mistress will have you tempted by her strong intense malty flavor and seduced by her bite. “Do you Dare?” ABV: 12%
Seasonal - Spoiled Brat - Pineapple Ginger Pale Ale
Spoiled Brat is a highly carbonated Lambic style ale. We infuse pineapple and ginger with champagne-like yeast, then slightly hopped for a mild fruity Island flavor. Served in a champagne flute, it’s called our “Tropical Beer Mimosa”, and is sure to please. 
ABV : 11%
Black Sails - Black I.P.A.
Black Sails is a dark India Pale ale that elegantly combines a rich malty character, crisp flavor, and aroma of hops. With its smooth hoppy taste, it will make you want to set sail on a course to happiness. ABV : 6.5%
Right Turn Clyde - Brown Ale
Our Right Turn Clyde Brown Ale is a medium strength beer that's full on flavor.  It has a combination of both caramel and chocolate flavors that will satisfy any taste.  ABV: 6%
Seasonal - Elf - Honey Pomegranate Gingerbread Ale
Elf is our official seasonal Christmas beer! One of our secret blends only available during the holidays.  ABV : 6.5%
Seasonal - Alrighty Then! - Watermelon Wheat
"Alrightly Then" is fresh off the farm. This wheat beer is infused with sweet luscious watermelons. It’s crisp and refreshing with little to no hoppiness with a light malt flavor that allows the melon to shine through. A true taste to summer! ABV : 4.5%
Big Decisions! - Double I.P.A.
"Big Decisions" is very strong India Pale Ale with double the hops, double the flavor, and double the weight. “Can you trust your Judgment?” ABV: 8%
All of our Barrel Aged beer is aged our Jack Daniels/Woodford Reserve barrels.  Each beer will achieve unique and complex flavor combinations.